Friday, August 11, 2017

Service for Gaylor

There will be a service for Gaylor Callahan on September 21 at 3 pm in the Virginia Dare Room.  A reception in the Mary Foust parlor will follow.  Mary Foust is the home of the Warren Ashby Residential College and Gaylor was in the 1st class of WARC (it had a different name then) and it was very meaningful to her. They are naming a study after her.

Last night I found this poem that Gaylor wrote about the infamous Bindery doughnut.  It's a great way to remember her wit and talent so I wanted to share:

An Occasional Poem on the 15th Anniversary of a Wondrous Pastry

The Bindery Doughnut is turning fifteen
Let's stop and consider just what that might mean
If we eat more preservatives, sugar, and fat
Will we too have more lives than the average cat?
Are we sure to live longer, each sir and each ma'am?
Will our shelf life surpass that of Jell-O and Spam?
Instead of decaying, will we merely turn brittle?
How can we be like this remarkable vittle?
Oh, how to attain a comparative age?
Is it Bindery air?  Is it Thompson or Sage?
Could it be the CDs or the Halloween ghouls
Or the Bride of the Month or all those sports pools?
Whatever its secret, one thing we all see:
Health food is not all it's cracked up to be
Tofu, yogurt, and sprouts? NO!!!! (say it with feeling)
Our faith is in junk food that's hung from the ceiling!

-Gaylor Callahan
15 November 1995

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