Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Student surveys results

Last spring we conducted surveys for undergraduate and graduate students.  Our assessment graduate student, Mandy Christman, has done reports for each that are now posted on the Assessment LibGuide under "service quality."

She will do presentations on them in early January.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly Advancement Report

Friends of the Libraries $195.00
Enrichment $125
Women's Veterans Historical Project $10.00

Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekly Advancement Report

Friends of the Libraries $150
Enrichment $150
Walter C. Jackson Family Acquisition and Preservation Fund $100
Women's Veterans Historical Project $602

Friday, November 18, 2016

IT Equipment Requests Deadline

Reminder - Any IT equipment requests are due to your department head today. Requests should include a sentence or 2 of justification.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

First Floor Reading Room Video

The improvements we've made to the look and feel our first floor reading rooms have been wildly popular with our patrons. Here is a video produced by some of our student employees highlighting the benefits of our new additions. Please share this with friends and colleagues to promote the wonderful work the University Libraries is doing on campus.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Update on UNCG SECC 2016

First of all, a humble thank you to the thirty-four University Libraries personnel who participated in the 2016 SECC. You're combined contributions were greater than those of 2015. You are a truly generous group. There is no method for me to know specifically who donated so please accept my appreciation.

That being said, there is still time to participate. You can continue to donate through your individualized ePledge link or return a completed envelope to me. At this time, please no envelopes unless it contains a donation. Donations are being accepted through November 30th.

Here's a snapshot of University Libraries' contributions:

2015 Donors
2015 Emps
2015 Part %
2015 Totals
2016 Donors
2016 Emps
2016 Part %
2016 Totals
% of 2015
University Libraries

Here's a snapshot of UNCG's overall participation:

University Name
2015 Totals
2016 Totals
# Donors
% Part.
# Emps
% of 2015

There is another opportunity to donate to the SECC this year. They are trying a new campaign, "Thankful Thursday", this Thursday, November 17th. Here is more information about it:

Thankful Thursday

A statewide event to add gravy to the State Employees Combined Campaign!
Let’s see how much “giving power” we can generate by filling this container with spare change from our desk drawers, car consoles, bottoms of our purses and pockets! When we count it all up, we’ll see how much power state employees’ spare change really has!
Thankful Thursday on November 17… demonstrating the Power of Giving! Be part of it!

If your department is interested in participating in Thankful Thursday, please let me know by the end of the workday on Wednesday. Monies $10 or more can be designated to a specific charity. Monies less than $10 will be undesignated and distributed according to SECC's guidelines.
From: http://www.ncsecc.org/frequently-asked-questions

What happens to my contribution if I don’t designate a specific charity?

The SECC’s rules specify that all undesignated gifts be proportionately distributed to those charities receiving
designations. For example, if Charity A receives 5% of designated pledges, then Charity A will also receive 5% of undesignated pledges.

Your SECC Solicitor,

Library article

This is a well-written and cogent article about the importance of academic libraries and the people who work in them:


Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekly Advancement Report

Friends of the Libraries $235
Women's Veterans Historical Project $1,150
Magid Learning Environment Fund $83.37

At the Women's Veteran's luncheon on Saturday we made the announcement that a donor will sponsor this event next year.  Our thanks and appreciate  to Glenda Jensen Schillinger, class of 1982 and Air Force Veteran,  for this wonderful gift!

Here is Beth Ann introducing the panel at the luncheon.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekly Advancement Report

Friends of the Libraries $260.00
Enrichment $50.00
Special Collections $675.00
Women's Veterans Historical Project $4,920.00
Cello Fund $200.00

The annual Women's Veteran's Historical Project luncheon is this coming Saturday so we've been receiving many donations to support this important collection.

Light projecting on Tower

Athletics will be projecting on the Tower Tuesday Nov 8 - Thurs Nov 10  overnight between 5 pm and 8 am to promote the men's basketball opening this Friday.