Wednesday, September 28, 2016

UNCG SECC Update - Frequently Asked Questions

So far, University Libraries has a 17% response rate for the 2016 SECC Campaign! We're off to a good start. I've gotten a few questions from some of you so I thought I'd share those answers with with all of you:

Why can't I donate to UNCG [or another group I am interested in] through the SECC?
There is an application process for all non-profit organizations that want to be listed. You can read more about the process here:

Do I need to turn in my envelope if I responded through the online pledge site?

What's the difference between response rate and participation rate?
Response rate is the percentage of those who responded either by returning an envelope or through the online pledge site. Participation rate is the percentage of those who donate to a charity either through an envelope or the online pledge site.

Can you tell if I donate?
Nope! No UNCG SECC solicitor can tell if someone does or does not donate. The only aspect a UNCG SECC solicitor can know is if you responded.

The NC SECC does have a neat form that is continually updated. You can see University Libraries' progress here:

Divison/Institute/Office 2015 Donors 2015 Emps 2015 Part % 2015 Totals 2016 Donors 2016 Emps 2016 Part % 2016 Totals % of 2015
University Libraries 29 89 33% $4,664 11 81 14% $1,879 40%

When does the campaign end?
Pledge envelopes are due by November 4th. Online donations are due by November 30th. There is *always* wiggle room if you are making a donation.

I have other questions!
Got a question that you haven't asked me yet? Try here :

Thank you!

Weekly Development Report

Friends of the Libraries $605.00
Women's Veterans Project $10.00
University Archives  $125.00

While cleaning out Linda Kemper's former office Karlene found a copy of the "Constitution of the Friends of the Libraries"  There's no date but the Chancellor listed is Dr. James Ferguson was listed as Chancellor and , according to SCUA's  Encyclopedia of UNCG History, he served 1964-1979.  According to the FOL web page the organization began in 1959 with Mrs. Luther Hodges Sr. (of Hodges RR) was the 1st president.

The objectives listed are similar to what they are now.  To name just a few:

  • Bring speakers to the campus
  • Provide opportunity to purchase books which will ad distinction and excellence to the collections
  • Aid in programs of exhibitions, lectures and occasional publications. 
  • Help interpret the mission of the Library and its needs to people of the State.

Libraries in N&R!

Check out the great article in the paper with Beth Bernhardt featured!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

6th floor pilot project report

Reminder today at 3:00 pm in room 216 the collections team will report on the 6th floor pilot project. If you can't make it today another presentation will take place on September 29th at 9:00 am.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Undergraduate Research Award video

Enjoy this video with Jennifer, chair of the Undergraduate Research Award Committee and Paula, our award winner.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hand Sanitizer at Staff Area Sinks

In response to the concerns about there not being hot water at the library sinks:
Since we can't get hot water, we now have bottles of hand sanitizer at the sinks in staff areas.
If there are any sinks that we missed, or when you need a new bottle, please contact Robin.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Interviews for Director of Communication & Marketing

Hi everybody,

This week and next Monday, we have three candidates coming to visit and interview for the position of Director of Communications and Marketing:

Sept 20 (tomorrow) Kory Burgess
Sept 22 (Thursday) Hollie Stevenson-Parrish
Sept 26 (next Monday) Elizabeth O'Brien

In Canvas, under our library org is posted their itineraries and resumes for your review, it should be at this link:

If not, it is under library org, Candidates for Dir C&M. 

The presentations will be each day at 10 am in Hodges, other groupings as listed on the daily agenda.

A feedback form will be provided shortly.


2016 NC SECC: The Power of Giving

Hello all -

By now you should have your 2016 NC  State Employees' Combined Campaign envelope. If you were not at your work space, then I placed it in your inbox. Can't find it or misplaced it? No problem - let me know and I'll have another one for you.

For those new to UNCG, here's an overview of the NC SECC :
The SECC is the only workplace giving program authorized for payroll deduction for most state employees. In 1984, Governor James B. Hunt issued an Executive Order establishing the campaign, and since then each Governor has actively supported the SECC.
You can read more about the history and goals of the NC SECC here:

UNCG's donation goal is $199,999 - Chancellor Gilliam commented that if we reach that goal, he'll put in an extra $1 to make it an even $200,000.
“The thing I love about this is that it’s about more than just the university. It’s about our community,” Gilliam said. “When our community is stronger, we’re stronger.”
Darinlee Needham was the first to respond by turning in her envelope! Thank you!


Weekly Development Report

Friends of the Libraries $2,610.00
Enrichment $10.00
Women's Veterans Historical Project $325.00
Magid Learning Environment Fund  $83.33

Sisters in Crime award ceremoney

Last spring we announced that we received a "We Love Libraries' grant from Sisters in Crime.

Please join us for the award ceremony on Thursday, Sept 22 at 4 pm in Hodges!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Search Committees

Two librarian positions will be posted soon for Online Learning Librarian (ROI) and Outreach and Instruction Librarian (SCUA).

Here are the search committees:

Online Learning Librarian
Karen Grigg, chair
Kate Hill
Vanessa Apple
Kayla Johnson
Jenay Solomon

Outreach & Instruction
Jennifer Motszko, chair
Beth Ann Koelsch
Scott Hinshaw
Paul Hessling
Jenny Dale

Thanks to these folks for their service.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Locations of New Computers

ERIT recently met with Public Service Heads to discuss and finalize plans for the remaining machines purchased with one-time money last semester. Here are the locations where we will be adding extra, new PCs:

7 PCs in student study rooms on Tower Floor 2 (T2)
These are the old faculty studies. They are on the scheduler. We have not put PCs in these rooms before, so we will be watching to see how much they are used.

2 PCs in the new collaboratories on the EUC side of T2
The walls and furniture are set up already. We are waiting for the monitor to be wall-mounted before installing the PC. These will be on the scheduler.

2 PCs in the new collaboratories on the EUC side of T4
The walls and furniture are set up already. We are waiting for the monitor to be wall-mounted before installing the PC. These will be on the scheduler.

2 PCs in the new booths on the Dining Hall side of T4
There are 4 booths in this area. Two will have PCs. The other 2 are for students who bring laptops. We will watch and see if the PC booths or the laptop booths are used more.

2 PCs in the new booths on the Dining Hall side of T5
There are 4 booths in this area. Two will have PCs. The other 2 are for students who bring laptops. We will watch and see if the PC booths or the laptop booths are used more.

15 PCs to be distributed between the Reading Room and the EUC side of T6
These are considered temporary locations until Summer 2017, when we are tentatively planning to move them into T5 and/or T6 as part of the learning space expansion project in the tower.
Mike is going to try and get City Transfer to move all the furniture some time in the next few weeks. ERIT then plans to get most of the equipment installed by the end of October (but if there are complications, then a few items may take longer).
We'll keep everyone posted as things progress. If anyone has any questions, please ask Tim.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Report on 6th Floor Pilot Project - Two Sessions

The Collections Team will report on the 6th floor pilot project on the following dates and times. There will be a presentation of what we learned and time for questions and discussion.
September 27 at 3:00 pm
September 29 at 9:00 am

Both sessions will be identical. Please join us in room 216.

Fun Activity, FYI

Greetings all !  The Theatre Department is putting up a display in the North Portico window about an upcoming production called  "Caroline, or Change".

Part of the display will be a jar full of pennies, which people will be invited to guess the number of. There will be a clearly labeled (I am assuming) box on the reference desk for a week or so where their entries can be dropped off.

I just wanted to let everyone know that this will be going on.  Thanks for reading/listening !!


Weekly Development Report

Friends of the Libraries $175
Enrichment $1,000

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Changes to Jackson Library Lost and Found Procedures

Effective fall 2016, Jackson Library lost and found items are no longer being taken to the EUC Info Desk on a daily basis. Instead all items are being stored and managed by Check Out Desk staff. Items deemed “high value” by the UNCG Police Department are delivered to the EUC Info Desk on Mondays between 8 and 9 am where they are picked up by police personnel. UNCG IDs will continue to be delivered to the SpartanCard Center by Check Out Desk staff Monday – Thursday afternoons unless they are packaged with items deemed as high value. All other items will be held at the Check Out Desk for a minimum of 30 days before being disposed.

All items found in Jackson Library should be turned in to the Check Out Desk as soon as possible after being received at another desk or found by staff otherwise. Each public service desk has been given a file from which to print Jackson Library Lost and Found Tags. A tag should be attached to each item received at a desk. The left side of the tag, which describes the item and when/where it was found, is to be completed by staff at that desk before the item is delivered to the Check Out Desk.

It is best that all contacts with owners are made by Check Out Desk staff. Having the contacts made at one desk eliminates confusion when owners are looking for the desk from which they should claim their lost items. If anyone other than Check Out Desk staff makes a contact, then the contact information on the right hand side of the tag should be filled out before the item is delivered to the Check Out Desk, the owner should be told to pick the item up at the Check Out Desk and the item should be brought to the that immediately. High value items were defined in the UNCG Police Department’s “New Property Procedures” memo dated June 1, 2016.

 High value items that will be sent to the police department include: electronics such as laptops, tablets, iPods, gaming systems, cellphones, high end calculators, cameras, camcorders, and voice recorders; all jewelry, currency, checks, credit cards, and any form of identification other than loose UNCG IDs. The police department retains these items a minimum of 7 months after which they are required to sell them and give the proceeds to the Guilford County Schools. If anyone asks if they can claim a high value item if it is not claimed by the owner, the answer is no because of this stipulation.

When patrons are looking for lost items, they should be told to check at the Check Out Desk. Secondarily they should be told to check in the Superlab and at the EUC Info Desk in case the items were turned in there. If the items are not found in these places and fit the definition of high value, they should contact the UNCG Police Department non-emergency line 336.334.5963.

Barry's retirement party

Please join us to celebrate Barry's 18 years of working at the University Libraries:

Monday, September 12
3:30 pm
Taylor Garden (rain/heat location Faculty Center)

Donations for a gift may be taken to Robin or Karen.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekly Development Report

Friends of the Libraries $275.00
Enrichment $1,250.00
Margaret Maron Fund $5,000 (for the processing of her papers which will be coming to us)