Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Development reports


Friends: $425.00
Enrichment $510.00
Special Collections $100.00
Women's Veteran's Fund $100.00


Friends $250.00
Enrichment $225.00
Walter C Jackson Family Acquisition & Preservation Fund $250.00


Friends $75.00
Enrichment $170

Monday, May 23, 2016

Shred-A-Thon 2016

Friday June 17 at 9am-1pm the opportunity to shred paper documents with sensitive/confidential information for free will be in front of Foust Building on Administration Drive. The mobile shredding truck that will be stationed there is designed to process large amounts of paper on site, users can even choose to watch the secure destruction on a closed circuit TV on the truck.

Confidential materials from your office or home are welcome, this event is limited to UNCG Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni. Help will be available to unload your car. Staples, envelope windows and small paper clips are fine to be included with the material but no binders will be accepted. Please be sure all paper is out of any binders before bringing your material. Use proper lifting technique and team work to move paper to the event, paper is deceptively heavy. 
This is a one day event so please prepare your material early, the next opportunity will be June 2017. Last year about 16,920 lbs. of material was shredded and recycled, which is roughly equivalent to 143 trees worth of paper.

UNCG is required to comply with the North Carolina Public Records Law concerning the retention and disposition of records. Records are to be disposed of according to University and State approved schedules. The UNC General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule is available at http://its.uncg.edu/records_management/. If you have questions about records management, contact 6-TECH at 256-8324.

For any questions or assistance with getting records to the event please contact Ben Kunka, bakunka@uncg.edu.

Annual Fire Inspection

The annual fire inspection is expected to occur this week on May 25th and 26th.  This is the inspection in which all devices are checked and all smoke detectors are tested so they will move through the building to complete those tasks.  As part of the inspection the horns and strobes will be activated for a short period of time, we'll give a heads up before that happens.  Evacuation is optional during the test.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Planned Downtime for UNCGenie, Password Reset, Account Creation, Banner and Banner Related Services | Saturday, May 21 - Monday, May 23

Reminder: the following services provided by ITS will unavailable from 5:00 am, Saturday May 21st until noon, Monday, May 23rd.

Who: Users of Banner and Banner related services
What: Planned downtime for the following services:
  • UNCGenie
  • Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
  • Computer Account Activation
  • Banner INB
  • Workflow
  • Degree Works
  • UC4 / AppWorx
  • SciQuest - e-Marketplace
  • Campus Directory
When: 5:00 a.m., Saturday, May 21 until noon, Monday, May 23
Why: Banner product migration to Linux
During the maintenance window, intermittent outages may occur for the following:
  • ODS Production (ODSP)
  • WebFOCUS reporting against Banner and ODS Production
Also the ODS nightly data refresh will not run on the evening of May 21.
NOTE: Canvas and iSpartan email services will remain available.
If you have questions, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or 6-TECH@uncg.edu.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Collection Management Team Meeting - May 16th - Highlights

The Collection Management Team met today May 16, 2016 to begin discussing a strategic plan for the weeding project.

We will continue to identify journals to weed that have online permanent access.

We will also continue to refine our draft monographic weeding profile. We will take a sample 200 books from our criteria (works published from 1972 to 1999 that haven't circulated in 25 years) and pull these books from the shelves. We will check these to see how many will need to be returned to the shelf because they have donor book plates, are building use only, etc. For this small sample of 200 books, we will also run a test to see if Better World Books would be interested in them. The Collections Team believes that these small steps will provide a better context for decision-making as we engage the library in a broader discussion of a possible long term weeding project.  

Monday, May 16, 2016

SDRW Survey

Hi all,

The Staff Development Committee would appreciate it if you could please take a minute to fill out our survey and let us know your thoughts on our 5th annual Staff Development and Recognition Week here at the library. It is anonymous. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and is used to help plan future events.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Update to the April 21 BTS Posting on Spending One-Time IT Equipment Money

As mentioned in the April 21 post, our one-time equipment plan needed to be flexible because we did not have time to work out all the details before ordering. Now that we have figured out some of the details, here is a list of the changes to the plan so far:

15 PCs for the 6th floor alcove - these have been ordered, but are likely to end up in a different location, to be determined by Public Service Heads this summer. Pending further library-wide discussion of space/collections issues, we will not put computers in the tower alcoves or in any other tower spaces currently occupied by shelving.
Cafe booths and Collabs for T4 and T5 - we were going to put cafe booths on one floor and collabs on the other. Instead, we will put 4 collabs on the south side and 4 booths on the north side of those 2 floors. That way the 2 floors will look the same. And that furniture arrangement  works better with the current shelving configuration.
Additional scanner for HSML - eliminated from the list. Needs more discussion. Unless we increase the annual equipment budget, we don't want to order the scanners that have annual maintenance costs. Also, the DMC is turning into an area with more high-end, special use equipment. Maybe it makes sense to get the DMC a specialized scanner, and move their scanner to HSML? We'll discuss more next year.
Large screen and PC in 774 for video screenings and presentation practice - eliminated from list, pending more discussion. There are practical wiring problems with setting up a podium in that room. The function of the room is unclear; it is currently a real hodgepodge. Putting a big screen in there would probably make the room even more confusing. We really need to have a clear vision and plan for the room before we spend any more money on it. We can discuss more next year. (Note: 574 has many of the same issues that 774 has)
The timeline for everything is still very much up in the air. It is extremely unlikely that we will be able to install all this one-time equipment  (plus all the regular replacement equipment) before Fall classes begin.
If you have questions, ask Tim or Franklin.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

End of Book Sale

The FOL book sale has ended.

The ongoing Friends of the Library book sale has ended its run. Thanks for your support over the years.

There are several community book sales that might interest you in the future: Greensboro Friends of the Library semi-annual book sale https://sites.google.com/site/friendsofthegpl/book-sale | St. Francis Episcopal Church annual book sale http://www.stfrancisgreensboro.org/book-sale.php | Beth David Synagogue annual book sale [336.294.0007].

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Development report

Week of May 4:

Friends of the Libraries  $250
Enrichment $150
Diversity $25

Friday, May 6, 2016

Reminder: Swank Digital Campus - We Need Your Feedback!

If you have tried this database, please share your comments about it with Christine Fischer <cmfische@uncg.edu>. Thanks!

Swank Digital Campus is offering a free trial of their top films shown in the academic market. We have campus-wide access until May 29. The Chrome browser works best.


Digital Campus, provided by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® was created for professors and administrators to enhance curriculum by providing students with access to course-related films. This website provides trial access to 100 of Swank's most popular films, from Casablanca to Pulp Fiction. For all Browsers but Chrome: In order to view videos, the user will be asked to download a plugin. There will be no indication that the plugin has installed. Wait a few seconds and then close and restart your browser. Videos should now be view-able via this service.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Web page for Student Library Worker Award

I realized that we didn't have a web page for this important award.  Terry Brandsma put one together very quickly:


It's very gratifying that two former winners are now full-time staff members with us (Alaina and Callie) and that several others have continued to work in libraries elsewhere.  Your good mentoring helps recruit excellent people!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Annual Steam Shutdowm

UNCG Facilities Operations
Utility Outage Notification

To:                        All Building Contacts
Cc:                       EH&S, Facilities Operations, Police Services
What:                   Annual Steam Shutdown
Where:                 Throughout Campus
When:                  Friday, 5/6/2016 3:00 PM through Wednesday, 5/11/2015 PM 4:00 PM

Why:                     Central steam for the campus is planned to be shut off at 3:00 PM on Friday, May 6th until 4:00 PM on Wednesday, May 11th to perform preventative maintenance on the steam distribution system.  The outage will affect domestic hot water, building heat and steam humidification systems in most buildings on campus.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Current Periodicals temporarily moved from Reading Room

In anticipation of the big furniture move in the first floor Reading Room, all current periodicals have been temporarily moved to the Technical Services department. They are located on bookshelves across from Darinlee's desk, and will have a large sign at the top of the bookcase: "Current Periodicals."

Feel free to remove whatever a patron needs, just be sure to bring it back to Norman or Darinlee at some point this week.

After the furniture move this week, some periodicals will return to the reading room and some will be moved into the general stacks.

Libraries' 2016 Undergraduate Research Award

I'm delighted to announce that Paula also won this award as well as the Student Worker award.  Here's more information:


Congratulations again, Paula!

Reading Room Schedule

This is a heads up on what to expect over the next couple of weeks regarding the new furniture install and how the space will be affected:

May 4th - CD+F will remove or relocate shelving in the Reading Room as per previous discussion on material disposition.  The Reading Room will be closed that day for safety reasons and we'll have signs and a note on the website.  It has been determined that there is no carpet under the shelving, a project request has been submitted and discussion has already begun with a service to fix that situation, just not sure what day that will be.

(Unknown - carpet will be repaired under area of relocated shelving)

May 9th - Indoff install of furniture on east side of Reading Room, ILL side closed.  This will include work from facilities/electrical and 6-Tech for data drops.  This will be the workstations that will have computers placed on them.  I've allowed two days for this install.

May 11th - City Transfer will be here for surplus and moving relocated furniture as per requests that I've received.  This can include any other surplus items, either stage it on the dock or let me know you need a pick-up.

May 12th/13th - CF+D install of furniture on the west side of Reading Room, Poe side closed.  If finished by the time of the ice cream social we'll have it there, if not it will be in the staff lounge.

Other notes:  both orders contain wipe boards and will be placed randomly but you are welcome to direct them to certain areas if needed.

The Art Committee will be evaluating the location of some of the pieces of art that will now not be as visible once the moves are complete.