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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Plan for Spending One-Time Technology Money

ERIT and Public Service Heads met and developed the following plan for spending the one-time IT money. Because of the tight timeline, we will begin ordering immediately. Please note: We do not have time to work out all the details before ordering. So, once we receive the items, ERIT and Public Service Heads will have further conversations and the plan will be subject to revision. For example, some of the locations listed below may change before we start setting things up. Or another example, it is possible we may not have time to receive everything this fiscal year, which would mean we couldn't do everything in this plan.  We have not even begun working on a timeline for implementation. Obviously, we would like to get as much as possible done this summer before the students return for fall semester, but we'll need more drops installed, some collections moved, etc - so at this time it is difficult to know when each individual space will be ready.
Tower 6
Clear the large alcove opposite the elevator lobby. Add 15 PC's with furnitiure and configuration intended for quiet (not group) use.

Towers 4 and 5
On one floor, add around 5 collaboratories similar to those we put on T3 a year ago. On the other floor put about 7 cafe booths with a large screen but no computer. (Setup intended for use with laptops).
Tower 2
Add large screens to the 2 cafe booths in the elevator lobby. (Setup intended for use with laptops).

Tower ?
On a yet to be identified floor, put a PC in each of the 8 old "faculty study rooms".

Reference Room
Add a collaboratory similar to those on T3, with large screen, computer, and partition walls.
Add 10 machines with double monitors along the wall next to the EUC.
Reading Room
Add a mobile collaboratory - a large screen on a mobile stand, with instructions on how to use it with a laptop.
Put a PC for their podium, so people don't have to check out laptops in order to a presentation in Hodges.
Two additional public PCs
Add 2 informal, non-reservable collaboratories with no walls
Add an extra 3d scanner.
Add an extra 3d printer.
2 PA systems
2 data projectors
Again, these plans will evolve and are subject to change. ERIT and the Public Service Heads will work together to make sure that the final product meets the needs of our users.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Reminder: Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus is offering a free trial of their top films shown in the academic market. We have campus-wide access until May 29. The Chrome browser works best.

Digital Campus, provided by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® was created for professors and administrators to enhance curriculum by providing students with access to course-related films. This website provides trial access to 100 of Swank's most popular films, from Casablanca to Pulp Fiction. For all Browsers but Chrome: In order to view videos, the user will be asked to download a plugin. There will be no indication that the plugin has installed. Wait a few seconds and then close and restart your browser. Videos should now be view-able via this service.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Results of Technology Money Meetings

Results of our 3 meetings with library staff to gather input on spending $100,000 one-time money on public computing in the libraries:

Suggestions for consideration by Public Service Heads (prices are estimates):
1. Collaboratories similar to the four we added to T3 a year ago - The ones on T3 cost about $4000 each. We can fit 4 or 5 per floor. Cost for one floor would be $16-20,000. We might want to do 2 floors, which would cost $32-40,000.
2. Reference collaboratories - 2 @ $4000 = $8000
3. PCs along Reference wall facing EUC - 10@$1000 = $10,000
4. PCs in a tower alcove (maybe 674 or 874 if we choose a quiet floor) - 15 stations @ $3000 = $45,000 (price includes furniture)
5. Computers in study rooms (used to be faculty studies) on one tower floor - 7@ $1000 = $7000
6. portable PA System for checkout to faculty - 2 @ $200 = $400
7. portable data projector for checkout to faculty - 2 @ $1200 = $2400
8. double monitors for 216 - $400
9. large LCD screen for 216 (to replace the projector) - $4000
10. Mobile Collaboratory (Reading Room?) - $1000
11. Collaboratories for DMC - 2@ $1600 = $3200
12. Large monitors for cafe booths - $600 each
13. Higher end 3d printer for DMC - ?
14. Higher end 3d scanner DMC - ?
15. Hand Held scanner for HSML checkout - $100
16. Scanner for HSML - $1500-4000
17. PC for presentation podium in Hodges - $800

estimated TOTAL = $130,000

Suggestions not included in list above (and reason why not included):
1. Information Commons redesign - Too complex to be done within our short time frame for spending this money.
2. Apple Air chargers for checkout to students at AS and HSML - Very inexpensive. We will purchase with existing funds.
3. Renovate/paint collaboratories on tower floors - Mike will look at this as part of a larger plan to paint several areas within the library.
4. New public address system for Jackson - Would be very expensive. And it wouldn't be possible within our timeframe.
5. Large LCD screen for 217 - ERIT is planning to address this with existing equipment.
6. Cheap flash drives for public use - Inexpensive. We can buy some.
7. Extra bar code reader for DMC - ERIT can do this with existing equipment
8. Finale software for HSML - The library does not purchase general purpose software for public use (Microsoft office, math software, etc). That is ITS' responsibility.
9. Additional public printer for Jackson - We would have to increase our annual Pharos license if we add a printer and we don't have funding for that.

If anyone has questions, please ask Tim or Franklin.

Permission to use Jackson Library

Please refer requests to use the building for filming, events, placing collection boxes or tabling to Mike.

FOL ongoing book sale will end May 6

May 6 is the final day of the Friends of the Libraries ongoing book sale. We've held the sale for the past ten years. Do you recall that it started when we had a position dedicated to working with gifts? Well, the number of books donated to the University Libraries has steadily declined, and it's hard to gather an appealing group of books for the sale.

For the next couple of weeks we will stock the shelves with all the books currently being held for the sale.

Thanks so much for your support over the years!

2016 Innovation and Program Enrichment Grant

The Innovation and Program Enrichment Grant Committee is currently taking applications for this year's grant!

Ideas for grants include, but are not limited to:
Expanding outreach to users
Exhibits or events
Staff development or training
Publication or production of special materials
Creative ways to present or access knowledge resources
Enhancements to existing services
Process improvement
Experimentation with new services
The committee will be accepting applications for the grant through May 16, 2016. If anyone would like to submit an application for review, the committee will accept, and return with comments, applications received by April 22, 2016.

On behalf of the committee,
Scott Hinshaw (Chair)
Mary Katherine Amos
Beth Bernhardt
Cathy Griffith
Mac Nelson
Anne Owens
Kathy Crowe (Dean)

See the BTS Recent Documents section for links to documents and forms.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekly Development Report

Friends of the Libraries  $325
Enrichment $4,186.99
Special Collections $100.00
Learning Environment Fund (Jewish Studies Room)  $83.33
Class of 1950  $100.00

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Brainstorming Sessions on Spending One-Time Public Computing Money

All library staff are welcome to attend any of this week's three identical brainstorming sessions on spending one-time money on public computing. If you want to provide input but are not able to attend any of the sessions, please email or talk to Tim or Franklin by 4:00 this Thursday afternoon. Public Service Heads will be reviewing the list of ideas Friday morning, 4/15.

2016 University Libraries Staff Service Award

Nominations for the 2016 University Libraries Staff Service award are now open.  The University Libraries Staff Service Award was established in 1997 upon the retirement of Martha Ransley, former Head of the Circulation Department, "To recognize and reward members of the SPA Library Staff who provide outstanding leadership and service in furthering the accomplishment of the mission of the Library to provide service to students, faculty, staff and members of the community which the University serves.”

Award Winner Gift:  The staff service award winner will receive a monetary award and have his/her name engraved in the University Libraries Staff Services Award plaque. The winner will also serve on the committee for at least 2 years. (Winners may ask to recuse themselves for a year if they wish to nominate someone else for the award)  

Eligibility:  SPA staff member with 3 years or more employment in the University Libraries.

Selection Criteria Considerations:  
  • Commendable initiative and perseverance in their service within the Library (regardless of whether they work quietly work behind the scenes or in public services).
  • Outstanding contributions within their Unit as well as to the whole Library.
  • Show service beyond individual job responsibilities which embodies the spirit of this award for excellence.
  • Competency, creativity, and diligence in carrying out daily responsibilities.
  • Leadership and service on Library committees.
  • Participation in Library projects.
  • Assistance with the general work of the Library.
  • Exemplifies qualities worthy of emulation; a positive attitude, a sense of humor, appreciation of people, and a commitment to service.
Nomination Procedure & Details:
  • Any member of library’s permanent staff or faculty may nominate candidates, except those currently serving on the committee.
  • No self nominations will be considered.
  • All nominations are considered.
  • An award recipient is not eligible again for 5 years after receipt of the original award.
  • Members of the Award Committee are not eligible for the award and must abstain for voting when it involves a person from their own Department.
  • All nominations are kept confidential.
Nominations should be submitted electronically to Cheryl Cross --

Nominations should be submitted electronically and are due by 5:00pm on April 29, 2016 (Friday).  The link to the site (which includes the award winners from prior years) is provided below - the nomination form is included on the site.  I have also attached it as a Word Document in this email.  Please review the selection criteria and consider submitting a nomination for the library associate(s) that you feel would be deserving of this honor.

-The Staff Service Award Committee for this year includes:
Ann Perdue (2015 Winner)
Katherine Nunnally (2014 Winner)
Cheryl Cross (2012 Winner) 

Please contact anyone on the committee if you have any questions.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016

One-Time Money for Public Computing

I apologize for the late notice. We only just found out about this.

The Provost's Office has generously given us $100,000 in one-time money that needs to be spent this year on public computing. We need to order and receive the equipment this fiscal year, so that means we need to make decisions quickly. We have some ideas on how we might want spend the money, but we'd like to gather more ideas from the library staff.

Tim and Franklin will hold 3 identical sessions to solicit input and feedback:
Tuesday 4/12  3-4:00 in Hodges 
Wednesday 4/13  9-10:00 in 216
Thursday 4/14  11-noon in 216
You are welcome to attend any of the 3 sessions. All suggestions will be recorded, shared on BTS, and discussed at a Public Services Heads meeting. ERIT works with the Public Services Heads each year to make decisions about public computing purchases.
This process is identical to the one we used when we received one-time money for IT equipment last year. If you'd like to review the suggestions made by the library staff last year, you can find them in the March 2015 BTS postings.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please ask Tim or Franklin.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Search Committees

The following search committees have been appointed:

Head of ROI

Christine Fischer, chair
David Covert
Erin Lawrimore
Lea Leininger
Lynda Kellam
Nick McCollister
Cathy Griffith

Director of Communications and Marketing

Mike Crumpton, chair
Robin Paschal
David Arneke (FOL Board)
Jeff Lail (Student Affairs)
Terry Brandsma
Jennifer Motszko

Wednesday, April 6, 2016