Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last week's donations to the University Libraries:

Diversity Fund:    $100
Enrichment Fund:   $3285
Friends of the Libraries:   $1425

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tom Kirby-Smith taught in the MFA Writing Program at UNCG for many years before retiring, and is the author of a number of books.  His love of poetry led him to give his own collection of poetry books to the University Libraries.  He and his wife established to Noel and Tom Kirby-Smith Poetry Fund to add to the collection.  Here is a list of the books acquired over the past year from this fund.

  • Ted Kooser. Winter morning walks : one hundred postcards to Jim Harrison.
  • Susan Howe. Frame structures: early poems, 1974-1979.
  • W.S. Merwin. Present company.
  • Susan Howe. Souls of the Labadie tract.
  • Terrance Hayes. Wind in a box.
  • Sun Ra, Adam Abraham, James L. Wolfe, Marmut Geerken. Sun Ra collected works. vol. 1, Immeasurable equation
  • Erin Belieu. Slant Six
  • Mary Jo Bang. The last two seconds : poems
  • Alice Notley. Negativity's kiss
  • Rigoberto González. Unpeopled eden
  • Hannah Sanghee Park. The same-different : poems
  • Patricia Smith. Shoulda been Jimi Savannah : poems
  • Laura Kasischke.The Infinitesimals
  • Mark Bibbins. They don't kill you because they're hungry, they kill you because they're full.
  • Angie Estes.Tryst.
  • Marilyn Hacker.A stranger's mirror : new and selected poems, 1994-2014.
  • W.S. Di Piero. Tombo.
  • Caki Wilkinson. The Wynona Stone poems
  • Matthea Harvey. If the tabloids are true what are you? : poems & images.
  • Stephen Dunn. Lines of defense : poems
  • Spencer Reece. The road to Emmaus : poems.
  • Brian Blanchfield. A several world.
  • Morri Creech. The sleep of reason.
  • Paul Muldoon. One thousand things worth knowing : poems /
  • Edward Hirsch. Gabriel : A Poem.
  • Stephen Berg. Here : poems.
  • Tess Taylor. The forage house: poems.
  • Diane Raptosh. American amnesiac
  • Jorie Graham. From the New World : poems 1976-2014.
  • Matt Rasmussen. Black aperture : poems.
  • Forrest Gander, Raymond Meeks. Core samples from the world.
  • Marilyn Hacker, Deema K. Shehabi.Diaspo/renga : a collaboration in alternating renga.
  • Ron Padgett. How long.
  • Tracy K. Smith. The body's question.
  • Mark Strand. Collected poems
  • Adrian Matejka. The big smoke.
  • Roger Bonair-Agard. Bury my clothes.
  • Jane Hirshfield. The beauty : poems.
  • Tracy K. Smith. Duende
  • Samuel Hazo. And the time is : poems, 1958-2013
  • H.L. Hix. As much as, if not more than.

Fire alarm testing on Friday morning

For you early birds this will happen around 7:15 tomorrow:

The Speaker/Strobes will sound, doors will close in stairwells and the AHU will momentarily shut down. At the conclusion of the test the doors in the stairwells will be opened up for normal operation of your building.

It shouldn't impede anyone who comes to work early but the fire alarm might shatter your eardrums and nerves.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Last week's donations to the University Libraries:

Enrichment Fund:             $5,600
Friends of the Libraries:     $825
Walter Clinton Jackson Family Acquisitions and Preservation Fund:    $250
Special Collections Fund:   $100
Diversity Fund:   $100

Libraries' Undergraduate Research Award video

Check out this video interview with our 2015 winner, Kyle Pope.  He gives a nice shout out to SCUA!  The video was done by Jenna Schad, a student employee in the DMC. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

ERIT to conduct briefings on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm in 216

In cooperation with the Staff Development Committee, ERIT will conduct briefings on a variety of topics each Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 in 216. All interested library staff are invited to attend.

June 24 - Tim will discuss significant changes to state-wide access to the OCLC bibliographic database, and give updates on the Carolina Consortium, NC LIVE, and the UNC system ejournal efficiency project.
July 1 - ERIT open house. Come visit the ERIT area. We've reconfigured offices and spaces. Note: this event is in ERIT rather than 216.
July 8 - Richard will talk about plans for the library's extremely popular web site, the Digital Library on American Slavery, and solicit ideas for more programming projects.
July 15 - Terry will give updates on WMS and on the transition to WorldCat Discovery.
July 22 - David will reveal our 2015/16 digital projects priorities and demonstrate our use of OHMS within our oral histories.
July 29 - ERIT will discuss our new Digital Partners grant, our involvement in the campus Digital Humanities initiative, and some of our potential grant opportunities.
August 5 - Franklin will solicit feedback and answer questions relating to both our public and staff computing environments. Ever wonder why our computers are set up the way they are? Is there something you wish was different? Come share your ideas.

Entrepreneurship Conference Proceedings

As many of you know we've collaborated  for several years with Wake Forest University Libraries on the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians. We've co-sponsored several conferences, webinars and a book came from it as well, co-edited by Mary Krautter.  And, Mary also traveled this year to the United Arab Emirates with WFU librarians to present on the topic.

We now have proceedings from our last conference which was in October 2014.  We used OJS, our online journal software, to publish them.  Check them out! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Additions to the Library Collections from the Maggie Triplette Donation

Maggie Triplette of Greensboro supports the University Libraries through a gift to purchase books about photography.  Here is a list of the books added to the collection recently through her gift.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Library Home Page Focus Group Comments

Here are the comments from the three staff sessions for feedback on the prototype homepage. The consensus of all three groups is the the prototype is "on the right track"; it certainly needs tweaking, but the Library Web Advisory Group does not need to toss it out and start over from scratch. If anyone has any additional comments or suggestions, please send them to Jenny, Mike, Richard, Terry, or Tim. 

Next steps from Idea-Thon

6/15/15 – De-brief with Idea-thon Facilitators and ADs
6/16/15 – Comments from AAG Retreat

Next step: focus groups with students
Present to student focus groups by category:  i.e. DVDs, PCs, furniture, lighting/color/ambiance, what is missing—“what would you like to see in the RR that is not there now”.
Use post-it notes
Not lead the students in a specific suggestion—let them start with a blank slate

Put a white board in the RR now (with post-it notes too), asking what they would like to see in the RR. 

Who to invite:
Invite interior architecture students
Honor societies
Student organizations
Library science students
Library student workers

How to invite:
Put sign in room
Banner on home page
On big electronic sign
25-30 students would be good number
Hold focus group sessions on the “Poe” side
Bring food
Do some focus group sessions in the evening
Will need note takers and facilitators

Take photos at different times of the day to see what students are using in the RR
See how students are moving furniture around

Next step after focus group:   Work with Anna Marshall Baker and interior architecture students to design space ideas as a class project, based directly upon what library employees and student groups have suggested.

Target date for redesigned space:  possibly May 2016

New postings on assessment libguide

There are several new postings on the Libraries' assessment guide with information about the web usability study, the transfer students' information literacy study, social media study and the staff development survey. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Coming Down and Going Up

The little supply room in the SuperLab has been demo'd which will create a larger opening for the SuperLab and Instruction Lab when it reopens:
And the walls are definitely taking shape down in the DMC area:

2016-2017 milestone anniversaries at UNCG

The following list of anniversaries taking place in 2016-2017 was provided by Erin Lawrimore:

125th anniversary (1891-1892)

February 18, 1891 -- The North Carolina General Assembly voted to establish the North Carolina State Normal & Industrial School (http://libcdm1.uncg.edu/cdm/ref/collection/ui/id/7324).

June 12, 1891 – State Normal’s board of directors declares Greensboro the winning site for the new school (http://uncghistory.blogspot.com/2014/08/greensboro-gets-girls.html).

October 5, 1892 – State Normal officially opens its doors for an initial class of 198 female students from across North Carolina (http://uncghistory.blogspot.com/2012/10/starting-classes-at-state-normal.html). Mary Dail of Snow Hill, North Carolina was the first student to register when the School opened. Departments in that first year included:
·       Department of Pedagogy
·       Department of English and History
·       Department of Mathematics
·       Department of Science
·       Department of Ancient and Modern Languages
·       Department of Physiology and Physical Culture
·       Department of Vocal Music
·       Department of Art
·       Department of Domestic Science
·       Commercial Department

October 1892 -- Miriam Bitting, MD was appointed the first campus physician. Bitting was the second woman physician in North Carolina (https://library.uncg.edu/info/depts/scua/exhibits/timeline/pages/1892_bitting.htm).

Early 1892 – Construction of the Foust Building (then, Main Building), the oldest remaining structure on campus (http://uncghistory.blogspot.com/2014/08/greensboro-got-girls-now-where-do-we.html).

100th anniversary (1916-1917)

1917 – Curry School graduates its first class

June 1917 -- Helen Guthrie Miller, first vice president of the National American Woman's Suffrage Association, was the first female commencement speaker.

1917 -- Minnie McIver Brown became the first woman elected to the Board of Trustees.

Fall 1917 – Department of Physical Training (previously Department of Physiology and Physical Culture) officially renamed Department of Physical Education

Fall 1917 – Department of Biology founded

Fall 1917 – Founding of the Department of Economics and Sociology

75th anniversary (1941-1942)

1941 -- The College began its 50th anniversary celebration with reunions, speeches, dinners, and an original dramatic production: We, the Women.

1941 -- The art gallery in the McIver Memorial Building was named in honor of Elizabeth McIver Weatherspoon, a former student of the College, art teacher, and sister of Charles Duncan McIver.

1941 -- Part of the golf course was turned into a three-acre lake and a 2,500-seat grassy amphitheater. The dam for the lake was located near Market Street and Gray Drive.

1942 -- The War Service League was established to help troops during World War II. It continued after the war to help the less fortunate in this country and overseas until 1971 when it was discontinued.

1941 -- The Friends of the Weatherspoon Art Gallery was organized.

1941 – Department of Geography created.

50th anniversary (1966-1967)

1966 -- The campus dress code for women was abolished, and the previously mandated skirts and dresses gave way to Bermuda shorts and blue jeans.

Fall 1966 – School of Nursing established when students admitted to baccalaureate program in nursing. Officially approved by State Board of Higher Education on February 8, 1967

1967 -- James Ferguson was installed as Chancellor of the University.

1967 -- Ernestine B. Small joined the School of Nursing, becoming the first African-American member of the teaching faculty at UNCG.

1967 -- Taylor Theatre opened, and was named for William Raymond Taylor, a member of the faculty from 1921-1961. Taylor is sometimes referred to as the "Father of Drama" in regards to the University's theatre and drama program.

1967 -- Cone Residence Hall opened, and was named for Laura Weill Cone, a member of the Class of 1910 and author of the College Song.

1967 -- Phillips-Hawkins Residence Hall opened. In 1968, it was named for Charles Wiley Phillips and Kathleen Petit Hawkins. Phillips was director of Public Relations from 1935-1962, and Hawkins held various positions on campus for over 45 years - most notably in the Student Financial Aid Office. Phillips was the first men's dormitory on campus.

1967 -- Carmichael Building opened and was named for William D. Carmichael, Jr., who held various offices in the Consolidated University for more than 20 years and was a guiding force in the establishment of WUNC-TV.

1967 -- The Commercial Department and one-year Commercial Program were discontinued at the end of the 1966-1967 school year.

November 1967 -- The Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored a series of forums on black power, community involvement, student drug use, the Vietnam conflict, and urban unrest (http://uncghistory.blogspot.com/2015/02/uncgs-black-power-forum-of-1967.html).

October 1967 – “Spartans” adopted as intercollegiate athletics mascot (http://uncghistory.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-birth-of-spartans.html).

November 20, 1967 – 1st UNCG men’s basketball game versus College of Charleston (http://uncghistory.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-birth-of-spartans.html).

Fall 1967 -- UNCG opened its own administrative computer center in the Petty Science Building – the 1st computing center on campus (http://uncghistory.blogspot.com/2013/01/computing-on-campus.html).

25th anniversary (1991-1992)

May 1991 – McIver Statue returned to campus after major cleaning and restoration project (http://uncghistory.blogspot.com/2012/10/mciver-statue-centennial-1912-2012.html).

Fall 1991 -- The Women's Studies Program, established in 1973, now offered a major in the field.

October 1991 -- The Class of 1941 gave the Clock Tower as their 50th anniversary gift to the University (http://uncghistory.blogspot.com/2014/01/all-along-clocktower.html)

Fall 1991 – Athletics moved into Division I. The following year, they joined the Big South Conference.

1992 -- The 87,000-square foot Student Recreation Center opened.

Fall 1992 – Name of Black Studies changed to African-American Studies

Monday, June 15, 2015

Last week's donations to the University Libraries:

Enrichment Fund:   $833.33
Friends of the Libraries:  $165
Women Veterans Historical Project:   $100

David Gwynn on Good Morning Show Today

In case you missed it, here's the link for David Gwynn's appearance on WFMY TV's Good morning Show this morning to talk about the June 20 community scanning day at the Hayes Taylor YMCA.


Friday, June 12, 2015

This was a big week!!

This was a big week for the project and things moved forward nicely, thanks everyone for your support.  Next week we will start seeing furniture arrive etc.  For now, our weekend photo is of some new walls going up in the new DACTS area, have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Additions to the Library collection from the Elaine Penninger Fund

The following purchases were made this year from the Elaine Penninger Fund for the general collections.  Elaine, a member of the Class of 1948, was an English professor with a specialization in Chaucer.  Now retired, she lives in Greensboro.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Project Update

Thanks again for everyone's efforts yesterday with the closing of the tower.  The work progressed as expected and moves us along on project completion expectations.  A glimpse of what has been going on:
This is the duct work that needed to be rerouted for the HVAC.  Some of the fire alarm sensors were also relocated as a result which created the need for the shutdown.

This is the top of the supply closet in the SuperLab that is being demo's to create a larger opening into the SuperLab and the new instruction lab.  This will be right past the ladies room on that side and is where most of the noise is coming from.  Hopefully the demo part will be done by the end of the week and please note, the debris is being removed via covered cart to minimize dust and dirt.

This is what has happened in the basement area so far, the lighting is being rearranged to align with new walls going up soon for the DACTS space.

Reminder: Tower Closed Today 6/10

This is a reminder that the tower will be closed today until further notice.  I will update everyone later this morning and afternoon on progress and the expected time to reopen.  Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Library Home Page Design Draft Prototype - Feedback Sessions June 11, 12, and 15


The Library Website Advisory Committee (LWAC) will be presenting a DRAFT prototype library home page design to library staff for feedback on

Thursday June 11, 2-3:30
Friday June 12, 1-2:30
Monday June 15, 9-10:30
All 3 sessions will be identical. All will be held in 216. All feedback will be posted to BTS, and all suggestions will be considered by LWAC. We will also be holding a separate session to get student input. We are getting feedback in June so that we will have time to make any needed changes before (hopefully!) launching in early August.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Development Activity

Last week's donations to the University Libraries:
Friends of the Libraries:  $2175
Enrichment Fund:    $1516.77

Wednesday closing of Jackson Library Tower

The following information is related to a shut down of systems on the tower side of Jackson Library for Wednesday, June 10th due to the renovation project.  This date was selected as it is a non-SOAR date and it is anticipated that this would cause the least disruption to services or inconvenience to patrons.

Starting at 8 am on Wednesday the systems impacting the tower will be brought off line for the purposes of creating a rerouting of the duct work for the HVAC reconstruction portion of the renovation project, specifically the area in the SuperLab that is being modified to build the larger instructional lab.  Initially this impacts water, air flow and some fire alarm devices for the initial cut with the anticipation of systems being returned to use as possible.  This plan has been reviewed and approved by Facilities, Design and Construction Project representatives and Facility Operations.  The idea is to concentrate this work into one day in order to move the project forward quickly and minimize patron disruption.  All systems and normal operations are expected to return before end of day on Wednesday.

A fire watch (provided by the contractor) will be in effect during this operation but it is felt that to minimize risk, the tower should be closed to ALL patron and staff traffic and activities.  Facility Operations and Campus Police will also be monitoring for any anomalies during the process. 

The following actions are expected as service contingencies and for this process:
  • Campus users will be notified of the closure through email, web site postings and signage
  • There are no classes scheduled in the Citilab or DMC, notification emails will be sent to anyone with a room reservation asking them to make another selection (there are few)
  • DMC had no appointments and were conducting an all day staff meeting which will take place on the main building side of the library
  • The SuperLab will relocate services that day to Petty 222
  • A desk will be placed and manned in the first floor foyer to provide verbal instructions to patrons seeking to enter the tower and providing alternative options
  • A paging (of materials) system will be deployed for patrons seeking to obtain materials from the stacks with a specific process for staff to retrieve and deliver materials as requested (details to come)
The primary concern beyond the fire watch is temperature, it will be a hot day and while the system is down the temperatures in the tower are expected to become much warmer than normal, so minimizing patron activity is also important for comfort.  This should not impact the main side (or special collection units), however is can be assumed that some temperature blending would occur in the connected, joint areas of space.
This covers the highlights of what we expect to do, this is an important step in keeping with our expected timeline.  You may forward this email to anyone that you know that might have business or expected activity in the tower on Wednesday.
More details will be sent later today, if you know of anything that will create an issue not addressed please let me know or if you have any questions.

Friday, June 5, 2015

First Aid/CPR Training- Tuesday, June 9th

Good afternoon all,

The Staff Development Committee will be sponsoring a basic First Aid / CPR training workshop next Tuesday, June 9th from 2-3pm in the First Floor Reading Room (Poe Side).

Kerry Cross, from Guildford County EMS, will be on site to provide instruction on basic techniques for providing first aid and information about how to perform CPR. This training, however, will NOT certify you in CPR but only give you knowledge about how to perform it and practice with the mannequin dummies.

If you are interested, can you please let us know by signing up HERE


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Coming Fall 2015

I'm sharing this graphic that Laath made for a glimpse of what's coming in the lower level as per the renovation, thanks Laath!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Today - June 3rd - Presentation Practice for WMS Users Group Meeting - 10-11 a.m. in room 216

Come help Mary Jane practice her presentation for the East Coast WMS User Group Gathering in front of a live audience. Any and all are welcome to sit in and listen about "You Want THAT in the Online Catalog?"  
Description: Lack of the ability to put brief bibliographic records that don't appear in OCLC's master database is a shock when first migrating. Suddenly catalogers need to input new records into OCLC for everything they want discoverable, from equipment like laptops, extension cords, and sand bags to tools and manipulatives. How do you handle these? Especially if you don't have staff to spend significant time originally cataloging these materials.  See how one academic library handled these types of materials.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Progress Update

We are moving into full project mode as the contractors have installed more dust barriers, this is the alcove in back of DMC:
And they have started demo in electrical areas.  This also means that they have started conducting a fire watch as this involves taking smoke detectors in the effected areas off line.  This happens during the course of the working day and they have a person assigned, which is also monitored by our people.

Also, don't forget that tomorrow is the Annual Safety Inspection.  Today our fire extinguishers were all tested and verified to work properly.
A construction dumpster will be installed later today or tomorrow and this will accelerate the demo phase of the project, so just be aware.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Development Activities

Last week's donations to the University Libraries:
Enrichment Fund:  $75
Diversity Fund:  $25
Friends of the Libraries:  $100