Thursday, April 30, 2015

Therapy animal event

Here are some photos from yesterday's event.  If you didn't get to play with the animals or just need more animal love the same group will be outside the Alumni House today. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reporting Problems with Managed Print Services Devices

Several people have requested clarification about how to report problems with devices that are part of the Managed Print Services.  The following provides some basic guidelines for when to report problems to ERIT and when to report them to 6-tech.  

For devices owned and maintained by Systel there are a couple of different places to report problems depending on the issue(s) you're experiencing.

If the printer/copier is out of toner, then you should contact 6-tech.

If there is a mechanical problem with the printer/copier, then you should contact 6-tech.

If a user needs assistance adding this printer to their PC, then you should contact ERIT.

If this is an office printer/copier and no users can print to this device, then you should contact 6-tech and notify ERIT of the issue (it is also helpful if you give us the case number that 6-tech assigns).

If this is a public printer and no user can print to it, then contact ERIT.

If one or two users are unable to print, then contact ERIT. We will determine if this is a user issue or a network issue.

If something happens and you are unsure of who to contact, then contact ERIT. We will determine the nature of the issue and whether or not 6-tech needs to be contacted.

A few important things to note:

ERIT will always ask if you've contacted 6-tech about any device that is part of the MPS. We need to know if 6-tech has been contacted to prevent duplication of 6-tech tickets.

Please include the Systel device number in any communications to 6-tech (it's also helpful to include this when communicating with ERIT). Using this number insures that there is no confusion about which printer is having problems.

It's not necessary to notify ERIT when you request toner for a MPS printer/copier. However, if there are issues with getting toner please let Franklin know (e.g. toner is not delivered in a timely manner).

If there are any other questions, don't hesitate to contact ERIT.

Closing of DMC for Summer

Our renovation project is moving forward and a contractor will be named next week.  Once that happens we will develop more specifics on the timeline and expectations of activity during the project.  That being said, we will close the DMC/lower level area to public traffic starting May 11th.  DMC staff will be temporarily relocated to the 2nd floor of the tower.

Access for staff to the tower side of the lower level, mail room, staff lounge etc., is still possible but should be concentrated on use through the tower elevators and stairs.  Staff access into the renovation area in the main side of the lower level will still be possible but limited, more details to follow.
This is a map of primary areas of work expected.  As we get a contractor and understand the full extent of the project, I will update this map with additional details as we go along.

Thanks for your patience on our latest renovation, more info will be published shortly.


Therapy animals today!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Outstanding Student Library Worker Award Winner - Femi Balogun

Femi Balogun was chosen as the Outstanding Student Library Worker of the Year for 2014/2015.  She works in ROI, worked in the DMC last year, and was instrumental in the completion of the Government Documents moving project last summer.

Last week's donations to the University Libraries:

Friends of the Libraries:    $275
University Libraries Diversity Fund:   $345
Enrichment Fund:  $25

Monday, April 27, 2015

Student event in Info Commons area

A heads up that Student Government will be having an event today around noon in the Info Commons area to celebrate the new READ posters.  Take a look at them when you have a chance!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Improvements coming to BTS

It seems appropriate to announce this on BTS!!

Many thanks to Cheryl Cross, Michelle Courtney and Kathy Bradshaw for serving on the BTS Task Force.  

When we conducted the most recent staff survey one question asked how BTS is working as a communication mechanism. Most respondents felt it’s working well but that improvements could be made.  Cheryl, Michelle and Kathy followed up by conducting focus groups to gather more information and then provided recommendations for improvement.  Their report was discussed at the last AAG meeting.

Most of the recommendations are to improve the “look and feel” of BTS and make it function more smoothly.  Cheryl, Kathy and Michelle will work on these improvements over the summer and will provide training for staff.  They’ll talk more about it at the next all-personnel meeting so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 University Libraries Staff Service Award - Call for Nominations

Nominations for the 2015 University Libraries Staff Service award are now open.  The University Libraries Staff Service Award was established in 1997 upon the retirement of Martha Ransley, former Head of the Circulation Department, "To recognize and reward members of the SPA Library Staff who provide outstanding leadership and service in furthering the accomplishment of the mission of the Library to provide service to students, faculty, staff and members of the community which the University serves.”
Award Winner Gift:  The staff service award winner will receive a monetary award and have his/her name engraved in the University Libraries Staff Services Award plaque. The winner will also serve on the committee for at least 2 years. (Winners may ask to recuse themselves for a year if they wish to nominate someone else for the award)  
Eligibility:  SPA staff member with 3 years or more employment in the University Libraries.
Selection Criteria Considerations:  
  • Commendable initiative and perseverance in their service within the Library (regardless of whether they work quietly work behind the scenes or in public services).
  • Outstanding contributions within their Unit as well as to the whole Library.
  • Show service beyond individual job responsibilities which embodies the spirit of this award for excellence.
  • Competency, creativity, and diligence in carrying out daily responsibilities.
  • Leadership and service on Library committees.
  • Participation in Library projects.
  • Assistance with the general work of the Library.
  • Exemplifies qualities worthy of emulation; a positive attitude, a sense of humor, appreciation of people, and a commitment to service.
Nomination Procedure & Details:
  • Any member of library’s permanent staff or faculty may nominate candidates, except those currently serving on the committee.
  • No self nominations will be considered.
  • All nominations are considered.
  • An award recipient is not eligible again for 5 years after receipt of the original award.
  • Members of the Award Committee are not eligible for the award and must abstain for voting when it involves a person from their own Department.
  • All nominations are kept confidential.
Nominations should be submitted electronically to Cheryl Cross --

Nominations should be submitted electronically and are due by 5:00pm on April 29, 2015 (Wednesday).  The link to the site (which includes the award winners from prior years) is provided below - the nomination form is included on the site.  Please review the selection criteria and consider submitting a nomination for the library associate(s) that you feel would be deserving of this honor.

The link to the site (which includes the award winners from prior years) is provided below - the nomination form is included on the site.  Please review the selection criteria and consider submitting a nomination for the library associate(s) that you feel would be deserving of this honor. 

-The Staff Service Award Committee for this year includes:
Katherine Nunnally (2014 Winner)
Cheryl Cross (2012 Winner) 
Kathy Bradshaw

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Charging Station

This is a mock up of the charging station we are purchasing with the technology money.  This should arrive this summer and be in place for fall classes, FYI.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

University Library Technician Vacancy

As previously announced, Susan Hendrickson will be retiring from University Libraries, so there will be a vacant position in Interlibrary Loan.  The position is now on Job Search.  Please feel free to pass this information on to those who may have an interest.

New Short Film Festival Final Screening - April 27th at 7:30pm - Jackson Library Front Lawn

Here is a link to the Campus Weekly article on the New Short Film Festival, including a program listing all of the short films to be screened.

If it rains, we will hold the screening on the Poe side of the 1st Floor Reading Room.

Real Learning Connections Presentation

Please join us on Tuesday, April 28th at 2 PM in the Citilab for a presentation on this year's three Real Learning Connections Projects.  Participants in the projects will discuss their project's goals and objectives, what was accomplished and learning objective outcomes.  These projects are a joint collaboration between the University Libraries and the Department of Library and Information Studies.  Please add this to your calendar and come see this year's results.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Upcoming popular events - Therapy Animals and free coffee

We will be providing free coffee during exams as usual.  We have 3 co-sponsors--  FOL, Campus Activities and Student Government so we're able to provide it 4 nights, April 28,29,20 and May 3 with deliveries at 9 pm and midnight.  Here's the video from last year.

Also, due to popular acclaim we'll have Therapy Animals back on Reading Day, April 29 12-4 in the Reading Room.  Please come and enjoy the animals!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Last week's donations to the UNCG Libraries:

Library Diversity Fund:  $100
Friends of the Library:  $900
Special Collections Fund:$1200
Enrichment Fund:  $1000

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gov Docs microfiche moving

In order to prepare for the lower level renovation we are moving the black and white Government Documents microfiche to shelving in the Reading Room. 

Please note this is a temporary location!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DMC on the move (for a while)

Because of the lower level renovations this summer DMC staff and services will be temporarily located on Tower 2.  They'll use the research rooms for offices and service space will be outside the offices.  We'll close the DMC area on May 11.  DACTS does not operate in the summer anyway. 

While the construction is going on there will be very limited access to the lower level.  We will have access for staff -- especially to use the elevator for deliveries but primary access to the lower level will be via the Tower.

 We'll re-open the lower level (and have a celebration!) in August. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Last week's donations to the University Libraries:

Institutional Memory Project:   $125
Friends of the Libraries:    $617
Enrichment Fund:   $1183.33

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Reminder: Greg Grieve lecture next Monday

Please join us at 3:00 pm on Monday, April 13  in the Hodges Reading Room in Jackson Library for a lecture by Dr. Gregory Grieve of the UNCG Religious Studies Department. 

His talk,  "Playing with Religion and Digital Games in the Library"  will draw from both his teaching and research. For the past two years, Dr. Grieve has worked closely with the Libraries' Digital Media Commons and Undergraduate Studies' Digital ACT Studio to develop space and resources for his courses on Digital Religion and Religion on Digital Games.  Final group projects in these classes require students to develop a video.

His recent books, Buddhism, the Internet and Digital Media: The Pixel in the Lotus and  Playing with Religion in Video Games explore this topic extensively. To quote Dr. Grieve:

Shaman, paragon, God-mode: modern video games are heavily coded with religious undertones. From the Shinto-inspired Japanese video game Okami to the internationally popular The Legend of Zelda and Halo, many video games rely on religious themes and symbols to drive the narrative and frame the storyline.

We hope to see you at this dynamic lecture!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Public Technology Money Spending Plan

After reviewing and discussing the feedback from staff sessions and student focus group, ERIT and the Public Service Heads (along with Mike and Kathy) have created the following general guideline for spending the $98,000 in one time public technology money. It is only a "general guideline" at this point because some things may change as we get more pricing info and make decisions on more implementation details.
We plan to
- add 3 machines to the DMC Design Lab
- add another cluster of 4 public machines in the DMC
- add 24 new laptops for check-out from Access Services
- on the first floor, add 20 more PCs. Add double monitors to most sit-down stations outside of ROI on the first floor. Exact location, configuration, and furniture for the PC's will be discussed at the Idea-thon.
- Monitors and PCs for 4 collaboratories to be created with partitions (not hard walls) some where in the tower on a non-quiet floor. Details await further discussion.
- Large recharging station that recharges many types of devices and allows people to lock their device into a cabinet while recharging. Details under investigation.
- Replace and expand collaboratory monitors and digital signs.

If you have questions, you can ask any of the people who discussed and established this spending plan - Tim, Franklin, Kathy, Mike, Mary, Sarah, Armondo, Cathy, or Keith.

Facilities Updates

Tuesday, 4/7/2015 from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM

Water to the Jackson Library will be shut off at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, April 7th for approximately 2 hours for replacement of two water fountains.  The outage will only affect water to the tower section of the building, water to the main/brick building will be available as normal.  

............and on Saturday, April 11th, the larger chiller/tower outside will be shut down for preventive maintenance.  This means temperatures inside will not be regulated.  Depending on outside temps that day, the library could be cooler than normal.

Network/Outreach Opportunity

We would like to invite you to the inaugural ACT (Aspiring Change Together) Dinner organized by the Divan Center  and the UNCG LISSA (Library and Information Studies Student Association) This fundraising dinner is a collaborative and community-engaged initiative to benefit a selected community organization. The inaugural beneficiary community organization is the Greensboro Public Library Foundation designated for the Glenwood Branch Library, The Glenwood Library is noted for its multicultural collections and outreach to international and underserved communities including immigrants and refugees.

ACT Dinner participants will be able to participate in a community discovery icebreaker, enjoy food, hear an inspiring social change leader, and network with others committed to social change in the Piedmont Triad. Participants will learn which community organization will benefit from the funds raised, how participants may support the Glenwood Branch Library and how they can take part in its activities as well.

Date & Time: Monday, April 20 at 6:30-8.30 pm 
Location: Virginia Dare Room of the UNCG Alumni House 
               404 College Ave, Greensboro, NC 27412

For more information about the ACT Dinner including ticketing, table sponsorships, and RSVP, please visit Please kindly RSVP by April 15th

We look forward to seeing you. 

UNCG Library and Information Studies Student Association