Monday, March 30, 2015

Here are a few additional items that have been suggested by library staff for purchase with the one-time public computing money.

  • Calculators for checkout
  • WebCams for checkout
  • iPad keyboards for check out
  • Clickers for check out
  • Flash drives for checkout
  • Self check software upgrade ($5500)
  • Digital sign for SCUA
  • Digital sign for HSML
  • Smartboard for DMC
  • Linkshare software for DMC
  • Finale software for HSML
  • 6 brand new laptops for HSML
  • Charging station for HSML
  • 2 tripods for HSML
  • 1 voice recorder for HSML
  • Microphones for check out from HSML

Last week's donatuons to the University Libraries:

Enrichment Fund:   $25
Friends of the Library:   $600

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Staff and Student Ideas for Improving the Libraries’ Public Computing


  • MacBooks for check-out
  • Additional Laptops (perhaps 24 more?) for ASD check-out, plus a few “spares” that can be used while laptops are being repaired
  • Backup laptop chargers ASD
  • Extra laptop bags ASD
  • additional 3D Scanner DMC
  • additional 3D printer DMC
  • Pod of 4 computers in DMC (of the same type as the 4 pods they have now)
  • Replace old Collaboratory Large screens
  • Replace old digital sign large screens
  • In at least one collaboratory, include a monitor with built-in webcam
  • Presentation Practice Rooms Sound issues (needs investigation to determine exact issue)
  • Makerspace computers (3 laptops & 2 desktops) for use in the DMC
  • Large format (poster) Printer DMC
  • Wireless keyboards DMC
  • Document camera for CITI
  • Assistive technologies (e.g. JAWS) - Would need to meet with OARS staff to identify specific needs
  • Add a second monitor to more public PCs
  • More PCs and/or Macs (see below for a list of locations mentioned)


  • Newer video cameras for check-out from DMC and ASD
  • Updated cameras for check-out from ASD/ML
  • High end SLR camera DMC
  • Gopro Cameras (and maybe accessories) as an alternative to our current flip-cams
  • Swivl Robotic Platform for Video, for DMC
  • Time lapse camera DMC
  • Tripods DMC
  • Studio lighting for photography DMC
  • Updated voice recorders (MP3 capable) ASD/ML
  • HD Projectors for check out from ASD
  • PS4 for gaming lab DMC
  • XBox1 for gaming lab DMC
  • Chargers for check out for cell phones, iPads, Androids, etc
  • Wireless microphone/PA System for check out from ASD
  • Sheet feed scanner (note that the public copiers already have this functionality)
  • USB DVD drives
  • Drawing pen tablets for check-out for DMC and/or ASD
  • Video conversion equipment


  • Chairs/furniture with built-in power (non-removable).
  • Recharging stations for cell phones, iPads, etc. It was noted that there are models that allow students to lock their devices into a cabinet, so they don’t have to stand at the station during the recharging


  • News Room with a TV always tuned to CNN or other news channel
  • Typing room on 9th floor could be turned into a collaboratory
  • Redesign and expand number of computers in Info Commons
  • Redesign and expand number of computers in Reading Room
  • Add collaboratories (using dividers instead of walls) in the current public seating space of one or two (not quiet) tower floors
  • possibly add a few machines to ROI near the windows
  • possibly add a few machines to tower floors
  • Evaluate location of all public electrical outlets and make sure they are all working. We don’t want our laptop users to be frustrated.
  • Put computers in 2nd floor faculty studies and allow student use

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Libraries' staff session on public tech

The Provost's Office has generously given us $98,000 in one-time money that needs to be spent this year on public computing. We have some ideas on how we might want spend it, but we'd like to gather more ideas from the library staff.
Tim will hold 3 identical sessions in 216
Tuesday 3/24  9-10:00
Tuesday 3/24  3-4:00
Wed 3/25  1-2:00
You are welcome to attend any of the 3 sessions. All suggestions will be recorded, shared on BTS, and discussed at a Public Services Heads meeting. ERIT works with the Public Services Heads each year to make decisions about public computing purchases.
Kathy and Tim will also be meeting with a student group to find out how they would like us to enhance the library's public computing environment.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Last week's donations to the University Libraries:

Women Veterans Historical Project:   $50
Friends of the Libraries:   $175
Enrichment Fund:   $235

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Friday activities reminder

Please join us on March 20, 2015 from 10:30-11:30am when Courtney Young, the current President of the American Library Association, will be speaking on "The Importance of Libraries in Student Success".  Her presentation will be held in Kirkland, EUC. It is not often that we get the President of ALA to join us.  Hope you can attend.

Also please join us on March 20th from 2-4pm in the Jackson Library Reading Room to celebrate Gerald's naming as the 2014 ALA Achievement in Library Diversity honoree. This is a national recognition, and it will be fun to celebrate this honor with Gerald.  Please see the invitation to this event attached to this message.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Donations to the University Libraries:

Week of March 9th:
Technology Fund:  $100
Friends of the Libraries:  $1,300
Enrichment Fund:  $815
Institutional Memory Project:  $50

Week of March 16th:
Friends of the Libraries: $170
Institutional Memory Project: $250
Enrichment Fund: $183.33
Women Veterans Historical Project:  $200

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tech Services Open House: Monday, March 23rd, 3-4pm

Technical Services would like to invite everyone to attend our Open House on Monday, March 23rd from 3-4pm.  We will also be available for an additional half hour after if anyone has any additional questions for the Staff.

Please meet in the foyer outside of Tech Services.

If you can attend, fill out the following Doodle Poll.

Can't wait to see everyone!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Faculty Center Takeover Video

Check out the video from our event in January.  The video was done by Jenna Schad, a student employee in the DMC. Well done, Jenna!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Last week's donations to the University Libraries

Fund for Technology:  $55
Friends of the Libraries:  $375
Enrichment Fund:  $15
Women Veterans Historical Project:    $500

Libraries' hours summer and fall

We will change our Libraries' hours over the summer and next fall in both Jackson and Schiffman Libraries.  These changes will help save around $10,000 from the student wage budget.  No full time staff will be cut; staff hours will be re-deployed to provide better coverage.  Our data from gate counts and question statistics show these hours have very low traffic. 

Summer 2015

Jackson Library

Close at 9 pm instead of 10 Sunday through Thursday.
More and more summer school classes are online. Information from the Registrar indicates that 67% of summer classes in 2015 are distance. 

Schiffman Library

Open at noon on Saturday instead of 10 am

Fall 2015


Close at 7 pm Friday and Saturday evenings instead of 10 pm
Open at noon on Sunday instead of 11 am

Open at noon on Saturday instead of 10 am
Close at 5 on Friday and Saturday instead of 6.