Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good news on our implementation of World Cat Local and WMS

 Update on World Cat Local and WMS from Mary Jane

 Bit by bit we are seeing improvements in our implementation of World Cat Local and WMS.  Two exciting developments:

Now you can see our local notes in World Cat Local.

To see an example of this search gift and magid in the search box of WCL
Select a title, not availability, but the title

Scroll down to where it says UNCG University Libraries notes:
You will see the notes that we decided were important for library users to see.  You will often see double content notes which is unfortunate but it was all or nothing and sometimes we had enhanced or added contents so a decision was make to always display our content notes.

All of our currently received periodicals are now in Knowledge Base which means patrons will discover them in the A-Z list

This is not as elegant a solution as we might desire but hopefully a step in the right direction.   Some currently received titles may have fallen through the cracks so if you find a title like that report it to me. In the coming weeks with the help of Reference and Instructional Services, many in Cataloging will be inputting bound periodical holdings in Knowledge Base so it more closely matches what is in Journal Finder

These two improvements could not have come about without the dedicated work of many in Cataloging, Acquisitions/Serials and Beth Bernhardt and Terry's help.  Hope you enjoy these improvements.  Stay tune for more announcements as we migrate over.

--Mary Jane

Monday, April 29, 2013

Grab a Book

We will temporarily suspend Grab-A-Book beginning  May 1.  It's turning out to be tricky to change the location in WMS so patrons will know where items are if they search for them in the OPAC.  Grab-a-Book is a popular feature for both Libraries' staff and our customers and we will definitely revive it but need to give our Cataloging folks time to figure it all out.  Summer is a good time to do that.

Since Stephen is retiring I want to take the chance to thank him for coordinating Grab-a-Book during his tenure at the University Libraries.  And, thanks to everyone who makes it a success.  It really is a nice welcoming display!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sometimes faculty get very excited about the resources we provide

From: Roy Schwartzman <roypoet@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 6:46 PM
Subject: Browzine ROCKS!
To: Elisabeth Williams <efwilli3@uncg.edu>

Hi, Beth:

Just wanted to share with you my ecstatic endorsement of Browzine. It automatically & seamlessly integrates with PDF Expert AND Dropbox on my iPad, so I can read, annotate, save, & email each article that interests me without even leaving the app. This is a remarkably functional app, & I'm glad we have it.



Dr. Roy Schwartzman
Director of Digital Development Research
UNCG Online Education Fellow
Shoah Foundation Institute Fellow
Professor, Communication Studies Dept.

For more info about Browzine, see http://thirdiron.com/browzine/video/ .

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's Your Theme? Enter the Name-Your-Theme Contest!

We invite you to read the letter from Paul Hessling below and enter the contest.

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you’ve been able to visit the exhibit in Hodges on American Trade Bindings, 1880-1920.  If you haven’t (or even if you have) here’s one more reason to come up and take a look.

As you know, at the University Libraries we always want you to be involved.  So here’s your chance to help determine a direction of this exhibition.

As you’ll notice, each case involves a theme reflected in turn of the 19th century binding design, whether it be the evolution of American binding design, featured binding designers, or a look at Travel in America as portrayed on bookbindings. 

This is also a “progressive” exhibition; that is, themes and cases will change and evolve over the course of the next four months. 

We’d like YOU to determine one of our next themes, and here’s how you can help.
All you have to do is fill out one of the forms in the Hodges Reading Room and we’ll do our best to build a themed case around your suggestion.  Pick your favorite topic or interest--cats, driving, the supernatural, reading, cooking.  Or pick your favorite color—“I want to see blue cloth bindings”.  Perhaps you’d like to see more work of a particular designer shown in any of the cases?  In other words, anything that could be turned into a theme—crime, bindings printed using only one color, anything.  We can’t promise we can illustrate any theme—computers on 19th century bindings would be tough—but we’re ready to try. 

We will have a drawing on May 7th.  If we possibly can, we will then set up a display case using YOUR theme.  If we can’t, we’ll have to draw again.  We will notify the lucky winner by email and announce the winner on the Libraries’ website and blog.  We will also invite you to the unveiling of the case for a mini-celebration.  Finally, we will give you several mementos of your theme/case. 

To enter, please fill out one of the slips in Hodges and place it in the box.  Please include your name and email so we can contact you.  Enter as often as you’d like!

We wish everyone the best of luck and can’t wait to see what you propose.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in person or at pwhessli@uncg.edu. 
Forget your WMS troubles and see the exhibition! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fine Amnesty!

Starting today, April 24, the University Libraries are offering a fee and fine amnesty.  Here's the message we're sending out to patrons via Campus Weekly and some other means:

Help the Libraries, Help Yourself: Amnesty for Overdue and Lost Books.

This May, the UNCG Libraries are changing circulation systems and want as many items as possible returned before May 16 so that accounts may be cleared before the switch.

To help the effort we are offering  fee and fine amnesty!  From April 24-May 16, you may return Jackson or Harold Schiffman Music Library Lost or Overdue books and pay no fines or fees. No questions asked!

Here's the "fine" print: Fines and fees will only be waived for Libraries books returned during this period. No credit will be given towards fines or fees for reserves, technology or AV equipment, DVDs, damaged items, or on any items returned prior to April 24.

As always, no refunds or credits can be given on items more than 6 months overdue.

If you are not ready to return some library materials, please plan to renew those items before May 16.

 If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Access Services Department at 334-5304 or reserves@uncg.edu.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thanks for attending Safe Zone workshops

Thanks to all who responded about attending the Safe Zone or Intercultural Sensitivity workshops.  I'm delighted to report that 12 staff have gone to one or the other or both this year.  I know that many of you have attended in previous years. This participation shows a wonderful commitment to learning how to work with diverse customers and colleagues.

I was collecting this information for a report that indicates how we follow up on assessment results.  This particular activity was for the Diversity Survey that we did.

Another great program that one of you mentioned is UNCG Cares.  It's conducted through the Dean of Students Office and provides information on recognizing and helping students in distress. I highly recommend it for anyone who works closely with students.

Thanks again!

Monday, April 22, 2013

What is Where on Behind the Stacks

Thanks for visiting Behind the Stacks.  Now that you are here, we want you to know what you can find and where you can find it.

The middle section of the homepage on Behind the Stacks is fed by a blog.  This will be updated once each weekday morning, and look here for information of general interest to libraries staff. 

We expect the portal to take the place of many Jackson-L emails.  But, if you have information that the whole library needs to know right now (think leftover food in the staff room or tornado warning), Jackson-L is still the way to go.  If you have an idea for a post that should go on the homepage, send it to Kimberly Lutz, Mike Crumpton, or your department head. 

Also on the homepage, on the right hand side, you will find a link to all the libraries' blogs.  Any time you post on any of these blogs, this list will be updated (note, it sometimes take a little time for the portal to refresh).

The Professional Development blog is a great place to post about any of your professional activities.  If you would like access to post on this blog, please contact Kimberly Lutz.

Jackson Leaks is where you should post personal and fun news--babies, pets, hobbies, displays, etc.  Jackson Leaks is also where we post "Green Leaks of the Week." If you would like access to post on Jackson Leaks, please contact Kimberly Lutz or Cheryl Cross. They can post for you, if you would prefer.

On the left hand side of the homepage, you will see links to any committee or task force information that has been recently updated. Right now, for instance, you'll find a link to new information from the First Floor Service Desk Task Force.

At the bottom of the homepage, there's a link where you can offer feedback about Behind the Stacks or make general questions or suggestions about really any aspect about the University Libraries. Please use these if you have any thoughts on ways to make the portal better.

Follow the tabs on the top of the homepage for information on committees, personnel forms (like time sheets), and "Happenings."  "Happenings" is the place to go for information on upcoming events and classes, news, and items of interest from the Staff Development Committee, the Staff Association, the Green Library Group, and your coworkers.   There's a calendar with different libraries' events and Rm. 216's schedule on this page too.  We will list upcoming UL classes and events here too.  If you have an event coming up that's not already listed on either the Staff Development Calendar or the Libraries Calendar of Events, please ask Cheryl Cross, Armondo Collins, Emily Mann , Sean Mulligan or Kimberly Lutz to put it up for you.  Or if you would prefer to post it yourself, Kimberly or Cheryl can set you up.  We would really like the portal to take the place of emails announcing upcoming events.

Behind the Stacks is a work in progress, but we want to make sure it's working for you.  Please do use those feedback links at the bottom of the homepage if you have any suggestions.

If you read to the end of this blog post, email Kimberly Lutz.  The first two staff members to do so will get a voucher for free coffee (or tea) at Tate Street Coffee!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Staff discount for Friends of the UNCG Libraries Dinner

We invite you to attend the upcoming Friends of the UNCG Libraries Dinner at a special discounted rate. Tickets for the dinner must be ordered by Monday, April 22.  Program-only tickets will be available on a space-available basis up until the program starts.

For more about the dinner, featuring author John Shelton Reed, see http://uncgfol.blogspot.com/2013/02/friends-dinner-on-april-29-to-feature.html

A library employee may purchase 1 ticket to the dinner and program for $30, and 1 additional ticket for a guest at the same price.

Tickets to the program only are $5.

Friends member tickets are $50, and non-member tickets are $60.

Tickets may be purchased from the UNCG Box Office any weekday afternoon, either in person or by phone at 334-4949. You will need to identify yourself as a library employee to receive the discount.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Camera Conversion has happened

The cameras were converted yesterday to the campus police department so that they can now see and record our cameras as we did previously at the guard's desk. 

This offers several avantages including better quality and more visibilty by campus police.  Access is by user and those identified as such are in the process of being trained.

In addition, an update has been posted on the Jackson Library Renovation Blog, see if you can find it from the list of blogs on the right.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hermann Trojanowski featured in Campus Weekly

Take a look at the story in this week's Campus Weekly describing the last week's UNCG Reunion events and the efforts made by our colleague Herman Trojanowski to connect with one of the first African American students of Women's College (now UNCG).   During the ceremony, Hermann also talked about the University Libraries African American Institutional Memory Project.  Yay Hermann!!



Monday, April 15, 2013

Reminder - Nominations are being taken for the 2013 University Libraries Staff Service Award

2013 University Libraries Staff Service Award

Nominations for the 2013 University Libraries Staff Service award are now open. The University Libraries Staff Service Award was established in 1997 upon the retirement of Martha Ransley, former Head of the Circulation Department, "To recognize and reward members of the SPA Library Staff who provide outstanding leadership and service in furthering the accomplishment of the mission of the Library to provide service to students, faculty, staff and members of the community which the University serves.”
Award Winner Gift: The staff service award winner will receive a monetary award and have his/her name engraved in the University Libraries Staff Services Award plaque. The winner will also serve on the committee for at least 2 years. (Winners may ask to recuse themselves for a year if they wish to nominate someone else for the award)
Eligibility: SPA staff member with 3 years or more employment in the University Libraries.
Selection Criteria Considerations:
  • Commendable initiative and perseverance in their service within the Library (regardless of whether they work quietly work behind the scenes or in public services).
  • Outstanding contributions within their Unit as well as to the whole Library.
  • Show service beyond individual job responsibilities which embodies the spirit of this award for excellence.
  • Competency, creativity, and diligence in carrying out daily responsibilities.
  • Leadership and service on Library committees.
  • Participation in Library projects.
  • Assistance with the general work of the Library.
  • Exemplifies qualities worthy of emulation; a positive attitude, a sense of humor, appreciation of people, and a commitment to service.
Nomination Procedure & Details:
  • Any member of library’s permanent staff or faculty may nominate candidates, except those currently serving on the committee.
  • No self nominations will be considered.
  • All nominations are considered.
  • An award recipient is not eligible again for 5 years after receipt of the original award.
  • Members of the Award Committee are not eligible for the award and must abstain for voting when it involves a person from their own Department.
  • All nominations are kept confidential.

Nominations should be submitted electronically to Cindy Zaruba [cindy_zaruba@uncg.edu], and are due by 10:00 on May 10, 2013. Please note that it is permitted to resubmit nominations for individuals who have not won in the past.

The link to the site (which includes the award winners from prior years) is provided below - the nomination form is included on the site. Please review the selection criteria and consider submitting a nomination for the library associate(s) that you feel would be deserving of this honor.


The Staff Service Award Committee for this year includes:
Cheryl Cross (2012 Winner)
Cindy Zaruba (2011 Winner)
Stacey Krim (2010 Winner)
Kathy Bradshaw

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What you will find here

Look here for daily updates on the University Libraries. This blog will replace many of the updates that you receive now through Jackson L.  We will post about payroll deadlines, job vacancies, job candidate schedules, university initiatives that affect you, library events, kudos, awards, and more.  If you would like to see something on this blog, which appears front and center on the homepage of the libraries' portal, Behind the Stacks, please send an email to Kathy Bradshaw, Michael Crumpton, Kimberly Lutz, or Robin Paschal